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Naice a Nilme - Latest FAQs FAQ for archive users, I cannot review / contact authors / post stories! If you cannot leave reviews and messages you send to authors come through blank it is likely that you are using Internet Explorer 9. IE9 seems to not work properly with TinyMCE, which is Naice a Nilme's text editor. TinyMCE was recently upgraded - for some users this seems to take care of the problem. If it still persists for you, you have two options:

  1. Switch to another browser. If you can, please switch to another browser. The problem seems to be IE9 exclusive, which means other browsers (or even older IE-versions) should be fine.
  2. If you have no possibility to switch browsers, you can also switch off TinyMCE entirely. To do so, please go to Account Info > Edit Preferences and uncheck "Use TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor". Please be aware that if you do that, you won't have any advanced text editing - you will have to use plain html to edit text.
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Can I upload my files to NAN? Yes, NAN can host your podfic. This is not a built-in feature of the site, though. If you have recorded podfic and are looking for a way to host it, please contact Michelle to sort things out.

Please also consider uploading to the Audio Archive, which is the largest podfic database around.

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How do I submit a podfic to Naice a Nilme? Only the person who recorded a story should add a podfic. That means: If author and podficcer are two different people, the podficcer should submit the podfic to NAN, not the author. Otherwise, a podfic is pretty much added the same way as a story. Please add the story length and file size in the appropriate field to give listeners an idea what they’re in for. Also, give a link for a text version of the story, in case interested listeners want to check the story first.

Please be aware that submitting a podfic to the archive is not the same as uploading it. That means, you must have a download link handy before you submit your podfic to NAN.

Please do not link directly to audio- or zip files that you are not hosting yourself. This is generally considered bad form and will attract the scorn and anger of the webspace’s owner, because you take advantage of their webspace without providing them with an actual visit. Instead, please link to a webpage. This means an extra click for a potential listener - but this extra click is a courtesy to the owner of the website archiving your fic (for free!). Consider it "payment" in the form of bringing new visitors.

Here is an example: If you want to link to Amarok's story "Of Attacking Trees and Moving Walls" you should not use this direct link:

Instead, link to the podfic entry here:

Podfic entries on NAN will always need to by validated by an admin. That means, what you submitted will never show up on the site right away. By putting in this extra step we want to make sure that what you submitted has all the info needed. If anything (most importantly, the download link) should not work, we will get back to you to sort things out. Hopefully, the validation process will also make you feel more secure, because there's less chance that you "mess things up" (which is generally not possible anyway, so don't be shy!).

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What kind of podfic can I submit? Podfic is subject to the same rules as stories on NAN. Please check our mission statement for detailed info on what kind of fanfiction NAN hosts.

The podfic you submit is a fanwork in its own right. That means you can of course submit the recording of a story that is not hosted on NAN. You must be the podficcer, though. You cannot submit other people's podfic!

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Why should I submit my podfic to Naice a Nilme? Because NAN is a thematic archive especially for Aragorn and Legolas fans. If you have recorded a story featuring either of these characters we would love to showcase it. Submitting your podfic to NAN means bringing it right to the fans it was made for. Podfic, as of yet, is not widely known throughout LOTR fandom. We would like to do our part in changing that!

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