Profiles RevisitedAuthor: MichelleDate: 05/30/10 03:21 pm[6 Comments]

Maybe some of you already noticed that after NAN's relaunch in April your profile pages look slightly different. I've made some changes to how links to other sites are displayed. Before, there was a written URL for each service you were on, which needed quite a bit of space. Now though, all your links are displayed by icons (actually favicons) standing in for the website in question.

Meaning: We won a lot of space on the profile pages. The internet is always in motion and new services will pop up that are of interest to fandom. So I'd like some input from you whether you want more options in terms of website display. What are you using at the moment? Where do you want to link to from your profile?

At the moment, NAN offers you to link to the following sites:

  • Delicious
  • Deviantart
  • Dreamwidth
  • Livejournal
  • Stumbleupon
  • Twitter

What else would you like to see? What are you using extensively at the moment?

What about Facebook?
- Nieriel Raina on 05/30/10 07:38 pm

Mhm, can do! Can you give me the link to your FB profile? If I want to add it, I need to see how links to profiles work on FB, but since I don't have an account I really have no idea and I need a "sample".

- Michelle on 05/30/10 08:22 pm

Sure. Here ya go.!/profile.php
- Nieriel Raina on 05/31/10 08:26 am

I have a dreamwidth account too

Is there any way you could link to personal websites as I'm trying to make mine as comprehensive as possible.

I only use Facebook for playing games.

- lindahoyland on 05/31/10 09:06 am

@NiRi: Thanks for the profile URL. It's really ugly, I must say:) Is it really only using the user id (I supposed the string of numbers is the user id), not a username or anything? But it should be possible to add that.

@Linda: Personal websites are already supported. Simply add the link in your profile where it says "website".


- Michelle on 05/31/10 08:14 pm

That's the only site addy for the profile I can find. Facebook is not the most user friendly social networking site.
- Nieriel Raina on 06/01/10 12:58 am