Michelle01/01/07 09:27 pm1: 1. TumblingSigned

Au contraire, I like wolves. A lot, actually (if you don't believe me, you can read "Building a Mystery" on lotrff.com or Ficwad). That's why I have a bit of a problem with the "evil wolves" how they're usually portrayed in Tolkien's works. He's drawing a lot on fairy-tales and such and connects wolves per se with evil (see the werewolves or wargs). Which is unfair, in my humble opinion.

As for Teitho - that sounds like an idea to me! Something like "Darwin's Heirs". Mhm, I have to ponder that a bit, maybe we could really do something with it. Who knows! 

Michelle12/29/06 09:45 pm2: 2. A real heroSigned
Ah, you wrote the classic "Aragorn falls off a cliff"-fic! One has to wonder why they still let him climb a cliff. Halbarad really should know better. That Dúnadan has the tendency to fall from heights and break every bone in his body. No reason to tempt fate like that:)

You wrote in evil wolves as well, but I think I forgive you for that because of all the funny and dry Aragorn-thoughts (you know I have thing for wolves...). Poor ranger. I assume this was supposed to be a hell week for the youngsters, but it turned out to be a hell week for Aragorn:)

Author's Response:

HaHa, yes, they should really hold him away from cliffs. I think I let him fall down...3 times, no four... lol

Wolve issue? I thought you do not like spiders that much, but wolves? Wow, that leaves not many villains, does it? No wolves, no spiders, no cliffs...leaves only water, poison, bandits, trolls (I do not like to write about orcs, so...). *g* COuld be a new Teitho, could it not? Let Legolas and/or ARagorn get injured/ill with something new. Like in *Pioneering Medicine* Lol

GLad you liked the story. Happy New Year! :o)

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