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That was wonderful! Basically, the essential Gilraen, since I've rarely seen her portrayed so convincingly. I would probably never dare to write a story about that point in time, because I just fail to imagine how this might have worked in day-to-day life. But I felt myself nodding while reading your version of how things could have begun.

All characters had their own story to tell (well, maybe not Glorfindel...), but I found myself liking Gilraen's and Elladan's inner journey most. Her need to please her host, because she knows she depends on him and she cannot yet fully grasp Elrond's reason for taking her in - that was a very good addition. Something that makes sense, in a frightening way - especially when assuming that she'll never quite lose those inhibitions of being "just a guest".

And it seems all Elladan managed to achieve was me -.öwanting to re-read "Day and Night" *g*.

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for reviewing, Michelle.  I really appreciate it!  I’m glad to know you enjoyed my version of Gilraen and little Aragorn’s arrival in Imladris.


And I agree completely about Elladan—he fascinates me too, and we certainly haven’t heard the last of him.  Really, it’s his journey (and Elrohir’s to a slightly lesser extent) that ultimately underlies the entire story arc I am writing, and we will be hearing from them both in the sequel to “Day and Night” that I will start posting here soon.  (Although, I’ll warn you, it’s not quite complete yet—I have one chapter to go.)


I also noticed that “To Give Hope” is featured as the “Story of the Month” and I’m honoured. 


Thanks again,


peredhil lover

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