Silivren Tinu06/25/08 03:17 pm1: Decision of a HorseSigned

I think you perfectly captured Brego in this story. I enjoyed how you managed to describe everything from a horse's POV without ever trying to humanize Brego. I liked Brego very much in the movies, and it is great to read a story about him and the bond between him and Aragorn. I also liked how you described Gandalf and Shadowfax and the bond they shared from Brego's POV.

One thing that I found quite funny is that Brego also played a very important role in my first Teitho story, in fact, part of that story describes the very same scene (though there are certain AU elements in it).It seems we have a similar taste. ;-)

I loved this story from beginning to end!


Author's Response:
If going back to some of your stories and R&R were not already on my to-do list, it would be now ;-). I think I know about which story you are talking about :-). But first the 'real-life' horses in my life (not my own, but their owner is on holiday and they have choosen this time to collect some illnesses) have to lessen their hold on my rare free time ;-).

Hehe..., humanizing horses... it is tempting, if you are around them so often. We often do at the stables, just for fun, but at least we are aware of what we are doing :-).

I had lots more ideas about how I could include descriptions of other LOTR-characters from Brego's POV, but in the end I thought what I wrote was enough, and it was an experiment anyway. Glad you liked it :-).

Michelle02/25/08 09:00 pm1: Decision of a HorseSigned
*sigh* No wonder I love this... a beautiful gapfiller! And of course a really unusual POV, but you manage to make it sound logical and plausible.

Author's Response:

Thanks a lot :-). It was not easy to think up reasons for why Brego behaved like he did (I know too much about horses to not see the unrealistic-ness of some of it ;-) ), so I am very glad you think it came over plausible enough.

Estė11/21/07 03:00 am1: Decision of a HorseAnonymous

Nice, Amarok. I like your narrative, very smooth and filled with tenderness.

Thank you for such a pleasant story.

Author's Response: ... glad you liked it :-)

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