Michelle01/15/08 09:19 pm1: Of attacking trees and moving wallsSigned

LOL, this was a nice blend of humour and angst. Since I didn't have time to read this for Teitho (I think that was the month when I was on vacation), this was the first time I had a go at it.

I always enjoy fellowhip fic and even if I'm not a huge fan of Gimli I like him to see him find his footing within that group - and especially with Legolas. They're not fast friends here, but Gimli already proves that he can be very perceptive if need be. He managed to address Legolas' fear in a very subtle manner - thus not exposing the elf. And that's what a friend would do! 

Author's Response:

Glad the humour-angst-mix came over well :-). It was my first try at humour, and also my first try to capture Gimli..., and I am happy to see that ovbiously I managed to show him just the way I wanted :-). Thanks for your review! 

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