Gigi04/25/09 11:33 pm1: My Brother. My Captain. My King.Anonymous
I LOVE this story, and you have done an amazing job portraying Boromir through his thoughts and fights with himself about the ring and Aragorn. I love how you show the relationship between them changing through out the story! Well Done!

Author's Response: Wow..., thanks. This story was really hard to write, and I am glad it worked out so well :-).

lindahoyland08/07/08 08:09 am1: My Brother. My Captain. My King.Signed
 A well deserved story of the Month,congratulations! This was my first choice in the Teitho contest.

Author's Response:

Thanks! I was nicely surprised to see that is it story of the Month :-).

kestrels06/25/08 05:37 am1: My Brother. My Captain. My King.Signed

I loved this one as well, and I voted for it to be number 1 in the Teitho contest. It was my favorite story by far.  This is very well done, for changing the point of view between characters like that, especially in first person narratives, is a difficult thing. Each character came across uniquely, and I thoroughly enjoyed your take on their thoughts at their first meeting.

 It's a pleasure, as always, to read your work. :-)



Author's Response:
Uh..., thanks for your kind words and your vote, Annette :-). I am glad you liked the story, and my approach to the characters. Nice penname, by the way :-). They are quite beautiful birds.

cairistiona06/16/08 08:16 pm1: My Brother. My Captain. My King.Signed
Love this one, Amarok!  You've handled Boromir's thoughts on the long journey with the Fellowship very skillfully.  I can "hear" Boromir's voice very easily, and it's fascinating to see the Fellowship through his eyes.  Nicely done!

Author's Response: Wow..., thanks :-). This one was quite difficult for me, partly because of the topic of course, but partly because I indeed tried to give him a 'special' voice, different than my usual style at least. Glad it came over well :-).

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