Michelle07/19/08 12:22 am1: HealingSigned

Ha, you did it! You actually went ahead and wrote a story about Aragorn having to pee. Which is hilarious. Even more fantastic is the fact that you managed to put *that* into an angsty story. I'm amazed:)

On a more serious note: I liked how you developped the different temperaments of elves and humans. Both seem quite logical to me, but of course the offer a lot of moments where one can misunderstand the other (and of course that happens to Aragorn and Legolas... typical). Legolas needs a little while to actually understand how the mind of a human teenager would work (most people never manage that *g*), but as soon as he does he's consciously making an effort to make things better between them. Me likey! 

Author's Response:

Hehe... I just had to do it, at least once... I am famous for feeling a certain need in all sorts of appropriate and inappropriate situations, and just wondered why that never happens to our heroes... or what might be the consequences if it happens... ;-).

Creating misunderstandings (which is something I love in angsty stories) in a way that is comprehensible isn't always easy, especially without making one of the involved looking stupid - which I wouldn't want, of course. So, I am happy that it worked for you :-).

kestrels06/25/08 06:07 am1: HealingSigned

Another lovely story! I love this take on Aragorn and Legolas' friendship--you show us the friendship forming in a unique setting, with Aragorn at a sensitive age. You did not make their friendship instant, nor did you make it easy. Rather, you showed us how difficult true friendships can be to form, and how these two both strove to get past their initial differences.

I like the way you shift between the present and the past, and how the two stories compliment each other. Nicely done, and a very enjoyable read.

 Thank you, as alway, for sharing your work.


Author's Response:
And thank you for your review :-).

The shifting between times and POVs was worrying me a bit, but each story in itself needed to be done the way I did it to feel right for me, so I thought I'd just leave it that way without trying to completely re-write one or the other. I am happy that you approve :-).

Cris06/19/08 05:48 am1: HealingAnonymous

Wonderful story. I think the interweaving of the 'present' situation with flashbacks was well-done. And I like the way you developed the story in flashbacks. Neither Estel or Legolas were behaving badly, it was just the inevitable misunderstandings between two people getting to know one another.

 My favorite lines were definitely, "I am grateful for all the things he does not voice right now. How dangerous it is what I have done. How little his life would mean to him, if I had thrown mine away to save it." Those lines are gorgeous!

Author's Response: *blushing*... uhm, thanks for your kind words. Seems I managed to write it the way I wanted, if your reaction is any indication :-).

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