Amarok07/18/09 09:29 pm1: BreakingSigned
I love your writing style. Also it feels very balanced, eg the conflict of pressing children and far too old people into service. It is necessary, but also cruel in a way, just like the conflict of having to inflict pain to heal.

Your characterisation of Leoma is great, and I like to see Eowyn, Gimli and especially Aragorn through her eyes. Thanks for sharing this story.

obsidianjg01/22/09 01:57 am2: HealingAnonymous
Oh, I love this. It is nice to get a look at Aragorn from the common people. I like your Leoma. She is a curagous girl.

Author's Response:

Thanks for another great review!  I'm glad you enjoyed this story and the original character.


obsidianjg01/22/09 01:45 am1: BreakingAnonymous
This is great. I like your original character and you description of Eowyn.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review!  It's great to know someone's reading!


Michelle01/08/09 11:32 pm2: HealingSigned

Are your stories getting better and better or is this just my very personal impression? And no, I for one have absolutely no problem with "bastardized hybrid of book and movie verse tm". I've actually always liked both and as long as an author does something worthwile with it, I certainly won't complain!

First, I loved that you chose to tell this in first person, simply because I love first person. Then, even more love for the female (*gasp*) protagonist. This happens so rarely in LOTR fanfic, because there's this Mary Sue panic going 'round. This leads to stories with absolutely NO female characters and that's just a) unrealistic and b) boring. Oh, and Aragorn in full healer mode? Even more love *drools*!

Author's Response:

I dunno about my stories, but your reviews are getting better and better!  Thanks!

This was a nice piece to write.  I'd always enjoyed reading first-person, so it was interesting to try one for myself.  It's good to hear that you liked my OFC.  Cairistiona can tell you, I was quite apprehensive about her because I'd seen so many teenage originals fall in flames on FFN.  At the end of the day, though, I felt like she had a story to tell, so I got out of the way.

Aragorn-as-healer prompted much drooling on this end as well ;-)

Glad you enjoyed this!  Thanks for the great feedback.


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