ich bin's03/06/13 08:39 am10: Epilogue - Chieftain's CallAnonymous

Oh, I can't even tell you how much I love this story! And that is not because my English is horrible (which it is, sorry by the way, English is a foreign language to me and i have never been good in speaking or writing it, but fortunately in reading, so that I ccan get addicted to your stories), but because it is such a great story!

I love Aragorn (in a non-romantic way) so this story has a great bonus just because you picked him as one of the main charakers, but I always thoght it would be difficult to use the charakters of Tolkien and show them right without getting OOC or even somehow "ruin" them, and it is even more difficult with Tolkien's main charakters and I am even more critical with the charakters I adore. However, you managed to show Aragorn as I have alwayse imagined him and introduced a original charakter which you showed us so well, that I feel I know him...and I like him and felt with him. Honestly, I had to swallow realy,realy hard, when he ran away, because he thoght he couldn't get the star and then when he got it I was so happy, nearly as happy as him. Right from the start I was within the story and hoped and feared and felt with Denland and you described everything so well how the Dunedain lived, that I really had the felling that I am with them myself while I was reading and I loved it so much.

You have got a new fan! [One with dozens of errors in its Review, but I had to tell you how much I love this story...] 

Author's Response:

Thank you so much, ich bin! I'm so glad you found the story and enjoyed it, especially given that you, like me, are very picky about how your favorite character is handled in fanfiction. Aragorn is also my favorite character and I strive to write him as closely to how he is in the books as possible (and there's a little influence there from the movies as well, but I make sure where there's a conflict, I go by Tolkien himself!)  And I'm so glad you enjoyed Denlad's character. The Dunedain as a people weren't given much detail in Tolkien's books, and I like to try to "color in the lines" and give them life.

Thanks again for the lovely review and I'm very glad you enjoyed the story!

sidh09/05/12 11:16 pm10: Epilogue - Chieftain's CallAnonymous

*Melts into gooey ooze.* 

I cannot believe I am just now getting to read these incredible tales.

Thank you from my heart.



Author's Response:

I'm glad you found them, as well, and very glad you're enjoying them!  Thanks for the kind words--


Anonymous10/10/10 06:55 am10: Epilogue - Chieftain's CallAnonymous

Wonderful to have read this again for the MEFAs.  Such a warming tale, in spite of frostbite and blizzards!

Author's Response:

Thank you!  I'm glad you came away warmed and not chilled. *g*  That was definitely my goal. :)

Michelle01/05/10 09:51 pm10: Epilogue - Chieftain's CallSigned

Ah *sigh*, another wonderful tale for you.

At the heart of it, it was a story about belonging, and eventually finding a family. And you wove this theme into a convincing tale of Denlad's long journey "home". Finally accepting that he is actually wanted was a real tear-jerker.

I also liked all the little traditions and details you worked in (real or imagined), I had to chuckle about Denlad's worry that he had to drag a drunk Aragorn home. (Because in my area we have such a tradition for carnival, you visit every house in the village and in each house you'll get a sandwich and schnaps. Naturally, you're quite wasted after an hour or so.)

And personally, I liked the scene with Aragorn and Idril. Because not everything is happy. 

Author's Response:

Thank you so much, Michelle... I'm so glad you liked this!  It definitely is a "journey home" tale for Denlad.  He's on the way to a new life, and in good--and sober!--hands under the care of his Chieftain.   And yes, my endings are rarely 100% happy, because life isn't that way, either for the Dunedain or even for us in the "real world".  To leave out the sorrow when writing the Dunedain would leave the story a little flat. 

Thanks for the reviews, and again, glad you enjoyed the story!

Michelle01/04/10 09:26 pm8: Chapter 8 - I Would Never LookSigned
What great banter between Aragorn and Halbarad. You know, when you're done with describing Denlad coming to live with the rangers, you absolutely have to depict some of Aragorn's and Halbarad's misadventures. Even the bits I just read now sounded hilarious:)

Author's Response: Thanks, Michelle... glad you liked this part.  I do intend someday to work all these little "hints" into other stories.  I like my tales to have that sort of connection to one another (like the dagger scar from The Hobbit and the Ranger.  It made its first debut in Midsummer In the Year of the Fall of Sauron).  So yes, the leeches will attack Halbarad in some future tale. :) 

Michelle01/04/10 08:55 pm5: Chapter 5 - Of Fell Winters, Chickens and Small BoysSigned

He is soooo unused to family and being around a larger crowd of people. It's really obvious and I think you're making that quite visible.

And btw: I can so relate to the snow and ice right now *sighs*.

Author's Response:

Thanks, Michelle--he definitely is out of his element in nearly every way.  Sort of sad when a man feels more at home among chickens than people!

Our weather here is making the weather in this story look balmy. :(

Michelle01/03/10 09:29 pm4: Chapter 4 - Howls in the NightSigned

I'm so glad you included that little discussion on why the wolves were attacking folk. I admit, I'm kind of allergic to fanfic writers simply using wolves when they need an evil beast. They're just settling back in the area where I live, after being extinct here for at least 100 years. Since I'm thrilled about that, I don't quite like people coming up with these silly Litte Red Riding hood wolves that just snatch you away to eat you alive. The WWF would have quite a bit to say about that:)

Anyway, some Aragorn angst never goes amiss, whoever causes it:)

Author's Response:

Seeing as Tolkien himself used wolves of various types to pester the Fellowship, I figured I was on fairly safe ground in using them in this situation.  I definitely don't see Aragorn & Co going around slaughtering them just to be slaughtering them (hence having them save the pelts).  :)  

Glad you enjoyed the angst!

Michelle01/03/10 09:11 pm3: Chapter 3 - Teach Me to be a WarriorSigned
What a wonderful discussion between the two (ah, the male bonding *g*)! I admit, I would have liked Denlad to go with Aragorn, but I supposed it's a bit too early for such mighty deeds. The poor boy has a lot to think about now!

Author's Response:

Yes, far too early to send Denlad out with the warriors... no one has a clue, after all, if the boy can fight or hunt, although of course it's likely.  But that means he gets a lot of nice time with brand new grandparents.  Denlad really does have a lot to think about! 

Thanks for the review!

Michelle01/03/10 08:54 pm2: Chapter 2 - Mettarė InterruptedSigned
Oh wow, do you think Aragorn can come by sometime and bring *me* Mettare gifts? That's quite a collection he wants to give Denlad. Who will receive them at some point in the story, right? Because I'm with Aragorn on that one, I think he needs an official reminder to convince him that he's welcome.

Author's Response: Thanks, Michelle!   Oh, wouldn't it be great to have Aragorn come by laden with gifts!  Of course, Denlad's are all things he needs... I imagine at any other season they might be presented somewhat more prosaically, but hey, it's Mettare!  And yes, Denlad needs to know in a very practical and tangible way that he's welcome.  Aragorn's definitely planning to see to that. :)

Michelle01/03/10 08:37 pm1: Chapter 1 - On the Outside Looking InSigned

Even after Aragorn's big talk about chicken (loved that, by the way) I'm pretty sure Denlad doesn't realize how much Aragorn can relate to his current situation. But well, I'm sure he'll learn eventually.

And I loved how you showed his insecurity in these totally new surroundings!

Author's Response:

Thanks, Michelle!  Glad you liked the chickens. *g*  And the insecurity... I think we've all found ourselves in places like that, although probably not so dramatically as Denlad has.  I think of the foster teenage boys my in-laws have taken in over the years and I think bits of all of them went into Denlad's character.  It's a tough place to be... and to believe you'll ever really be a true part of things.

Thanks for the review!

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