Michelle01/03/10 08:37 pm1: Chapter 1 - On the Outside Looking InSigned

Even after Aragorn's big talk about chicken (loved that, by the way) I'm pretty sure Denlad doesn't realize how much Aragorn can relate to his current situation. But well, I'm sure he'll learn eventually.

And I loved how you showed his insecurity in these totally new surroundings!

Author's Response:

Thanks, Michelle!  Glad you liked the chickens. *g*  And the insecurity... I think we've all found ourselves in places like that, although probably not so dramatically as Denlad has.  I think of the foster teenage boys my in-laws have taken in over the years and I think bits of all of them went into Denlad's character.  It's a tough place to be... and to believe you'll ever really be a true part of things.

Thanks for the review!

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