S10/07/10 05:46 am3: Chapter 3 - You're Having Me On!Anonymous

Totally awesome story.  I loved it!

Author's Response:

Thank you!!

Striderette908/13/10 03:09 pm3: Chapter 3 - You're Having Me On!Signed

What a delightful little story, Cairistiona!! I very much enjoyed seeing Strider finally at peace in the valley of Rivendell, even if only for a short time. The banter with the hobbits is just priceless as is his reunion with Arwen!! You perfectly capture the tone and mannerisms of the characters.



Author's Response:

Thank you, Striderette!  (and glad you got yourself registered *g*)    I'm so glad you enjoyed the story--it was a lot of fun to sit and imagine just what might have happened in those undescribed hours after their struggles at the river.  I couldn't imagine Strider coming away completely untouched by the Black Breath, nor could I imagine Merry & Pip not checking on their new friend.  

Thanks for the review!

Michelle06/19/10 12:08 am3: Chapter 3 - You're Having Me On!Signed

All this talk about ancestry and who married whom will always remain a mystery to me. I just *can't* understand it, my brain just empties:)

Loved this story, even though I'm normally not such a hobbit person. But I like seeing Aragorn interact with them - and them learning a little more about this mysterious (slightly scary) guy who rescued them back there in Bree.

Author's Response:

My brain pretty much empties at geneology too... although I find it kind of interesting to look back and see what names are in the family and who might be famous in the family tree, my interest pretty much flags after the bare basics (can you tell I'm not a hobbit!).   I'm not generally a hobbit writer, so I tried to keep it firmly in Aragorn's perspective--mostly because I don't know hobbits well enough to go into their heads! :)  I'm glad you enjoyed the story... Aragorn and hobbits are always a fun mix, especially in those early days when he *was* a scary and mysterious stranger. :)  Thanks for the read!

Michelle06/18/10 11:59 pm2: Chapter 2 - Elrond's Your Father?Signed

Ha, and here I was thinking you would simply dangle Arwen in front of Aragorn's nose for the rest of the fic - him always thinking of her, but never quite managing to meet her:) But I see you had other things in mind. And I'm *sure* Merry has a lot more questions now!

And the description of the "little snack" was hilarious! Sometimes, I want to be a hobbit - just to be able to eat such amounts of food. Other times, not so much - hairy feet aren't sexy at all.

Author's Response:

LOL... no, I'm not that cruel.  I figure Arwen was as anxious to see him as he was her, and I would have had to come up with all sorts of gymnastics to delay their reunion.  So she figures a bit more than just a longing thought this time. :)   And oh, to eat like a hobbit!  That'd be marvelous. *sigh*



Michelle06/18/10 11:40 pm1: Chapter 1 - Rivendell Is Your Home?Signed

Can't help but like Pippin here. Yes, between all the hobbits he's the one who is putting his foot in his mouth most often, but on the other side he's also very earnest. Even if he messes up, he has a gentle heart, is trusting - but not simpleminded. I think that came across very well here.

And of course I loved the whole interaction between Pippin and Aragorn - reversed roles and all (Pippin as the "caretaker")!

Author's Response:

Thank you!  It was a lot of fun to write a hobbit, especially Pippin, taking care of Aragorn.  It's such an inconguous picture, somehow.  And yes, I've never seen Pippin as the "Dopey" of the hobbits, sweet but brainless.  I think he's simply young, but not simpleminded.  Glad you liked this!

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