Amarok12/05/10 12:05 pm1: Way of the WorldSigned

Huh, I haven't reviewed that yet? I read it though, and loved it, love it still. Especially the part where Eldarion crosses blades with his father for the last time touched me most. Aragorns pride in his son as well as the realization that he is getting older, both 'seen' through Eldarions eyes, is great. And I liked the conflict Eldarion realizes, of the 'play'-part of swordfighting, and the very real (in ME at least ;-) ) possibility to have to use it to fight for ones life.

Author's Response:

It was quite the unusual story for me, because I hadn't written about Eldarion before. The topic is quite universal though, I think, so it doesn't take much insight into his character. I guess it was a good start on trying to write him:)

And thanks for the review!

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