lindahoyland10/27/10 12:49 am1: Chapter 1Signed

A touching story, I liked it.

Author's Response:

Many thanks, Linda.  I appreciate it.  I've been finishing "Carefully Taught," myself.  :-)

cairistiona10/25/10 07:24 pm1: Chapter 1Signed

"WHen are we going to see a new Cairistiona piece??"


Ummmmm .... soon???  *g*  Actually, I am working on a multi-chapter fic that I hope to start posting in November.  :)

Author's Response:

Yayyyyy!  :-)

cairistiona10/25/10 02:39 pm1: Chapter 1Signed

What a lovely story!  Aragorn had to have had every emotion imaginable coursing through him in those hours before he finally sorted it out and came to the "heart was high" walk through to woods and his fateful meeting with Arwen.  I like the idea of Elrohir straightening him out with some "tough love" and wisdom.  Very well done, as all your stories are!

Author's Response:

Aw, shuck, ma'am... LOL

Yeah, I figure our Estel is _human_ after all, and is going to go through these feelings of "WTF???", albeit more 'tidily' than a 21st century adolescent might.  <smile>

And Elrohir, I thought, would have the right mix of fondness, gentleness and 'kick-in-the-pants' needed for this talk.  I toyed with it being Elladan, but Elrohir just pushed his way in and stayed. :-)

Thanks so much for taking the time to review.  WHen are we going to see a new Cairistiona piece??



N_Forest10/25/10 12:27 pm1: Chapter 1Anonymous

This was a very enjoyable and thought provoking story. Aragorn has so many different names, and finding out exactly who he is when he is not what he thought. The idea is sort of confusing, but it comes out very clearly. He is Estel and Aragorn at the same time, and yet he is not, it reminds me of some cultures where a child's name changes as they age and enter new stages of life.

Author's Response:

You know, that's a really good point (your last, re cultural "renaming" occuring at puberty and/or adulthood, etc.).  Never thought of that, but that is similar, isn't it??

I'm very glad you enjoyed it, and appreciate your having taken the time to review.



Michelle10/24/10 08:07 pm1: Chapter 1Signed

Great interpretation of the prompt! To tell you the truth, when I posted it I had no idea what an author might do with it. But as soon as I read the first line of your ficlet I *knew* this was the perfect story for this prompt! Karma, I guess:)

It makes so much sense that things like names are nothing but details in the bigger picture. Of course it takes Aragorn a while to accept that (understandably), but Elrohir is right: It doesn't make much of a difference, he's still the same person he always was.

Author's Response:

I am so glad you liked it!  I meant what I said too about being literally knocked over by that prompt.  It popped up in my e-mail, and twenty minutes late, I had a story!  I wish all my work could be that fluid. LOL

Thanks so much for taking the time to review, Michelle.


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