Turwaith04/11/09 09:29 pm1: A King is CrownedAnonymous

I love it. The way you wrote Aragorn and Faramir interaction simply nails it.

Can you write more about those two?

Author's Response: I'm pleased you enjoyed this and am pleased to tell you that almost all my stories on this site are about Aragorn and Faramir.

cairistiona05/05/08 05:16 pm1: A King is CrownedSigned

I really enjoyed this story, Linda ... very touching and poignant, and several spots had me laughing out loud, especially this line: "Aragorn was starting to get quite light headed from watching all this bobbing around."   I tend to think Aragorn often chafed at the change in the way people treated him once he became King Elesser.  I also loved that he and Faramire bumped noses.  Very nice lighthearted moments.

Elemmire08/22/06 03:51 pm1: A King is CrownedAnonymous

That was a nice twist at the end, but... I found Faramir to shy and frightened. I think if you had taken it and had it more of a shadow of a fear, than an ever demanding fear, it might have been better. Except his fear of repremand (Denethor was a trifle to mean to me, but aye) I loved how you used the thees and thous and such, it was very Tolkienish, more than I can say for many other stories. Still, I found this lacking somehow... not to much, though. Very long. Very long. But cool.


Michelle07/09/05 12:03 am1: A King is CrownedSigned
You know, with each of your stories I read you make me love Faramir more. It's rather uncanny:) You just want to hug him close and convince him that all his insecurities are unfounded!
Just one question that popped up (because I'm so uninformed when it comes to canon): Do we know anything about Faramir's heirs? Did Tolkien say anything about it?

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind comments I'm pleased that I'm making you love poor Faramir !

In Tolkien's History of Middle Earth, I believe there is mention of Faramir's son Elboron suceeding him as Steward.

Personally, I like to imagine him with quite a large family !

Niniel07/07/05 10:38 am1: A King is CrownedAnonymous
Yet another wonderful story. I am very much in love with the way you pertray Faramir. It's so tender and simply beautiful. He seems so...so... I'm lacking words, he just seems so sad andfragile, yt at the same time so very strong. You did a wonderful job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much.I do indeed envision Faramir as you say.I am so pleasedthat you liked my story.

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