Tashamiel04/13/06 10:47 pm2: Sounds in the DarkAnonymous
thoroughly enjoyed it but the chapters were a little long.  Oh what am i saying!!  I just envy you for being able to write so much!!  *laughs* 

Its good that Legolas survived!  What would we do without him eh?  Fall into darkness i say!

And of course trusty Estel, whom i always call Estel now that i discovered that is what Lord Elrond called him.

And rightly so.

He really is Middle Earth's Hope.  Literally.

That was really good writing i must say.  Every time i write i'm like "Is that too much?  Too much description?  Too little?"

oh i'm a nightmare!  but don't worry about me.

Ten out of ten!

Author's Response:

Hm - you know, I posted this story on ff.net in six chapters, and here in two to see what I and the readers would like better. I think I like the six-chapter-version better, too. Perhaps I'll change it, just have to find out how...

I really like Legolas to survive, too! Well, I like both of them to survive - I really need them for my stories, after all. ;-)

I think "Estel"/Hope is Aragorn's truest name. :)

Thank you, I'm glad you like my writing! I think everyone has her/his own problems with writing style and writing - I had to struggle a lot with most of my stories. :P The most important thing seems to be not to give up (as difficult as that can be).

Thank you very much for another review! :)

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