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First meeting of the ruling Steward and the future king.
Rated: T
Categories: Third Age - War of the Ring
Characters: Aragorn, Faramir Genres: None
Language: English
Warnings: None
Language: English Genres: None
Language: English
Warnings: None
Complete: Yes Series: None
Word count: 1288 Read: 2475
Published: 04/29/08 Updated: 04/29/08


Disclaimer: Middle-earth and its well-known inhabitants are the property of Tolkien, and not mine. I am just playing around, and make no monetary profit with them.

Beta: Many thanks to Chris!

A/N: I hadn’t intended to participate in this Teitho contest, but somehow I could not get ‘The sea, the sea!’, said in a child’s voice, out of my head. So I sat down and wrote this short gap-filler... mix of book-verse situation, movie-verse persons, and own imagination…



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