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Suilad! I'm Michelle, the co-admin of this archive. I've been a fanfiction addict for a few years now (and I have the glasses to prove it), ever since I was active in the BtVS fandom. From there I proceeded right to LOTR where Aragorn is my favourite, followed by Eowyn and the occasional wizard.

I read a lot of genres, mainly h/c, angst and slash, but I like to throw in a comedy now and then. I love tales of epic proportions, good character interaction and a touch of irony. I prefer Aragorn to Legolas, brunettes to blondes and swords to arrows. Who would have thought *g*.

All my stories (including the crossovers, the non-angsty stories and the slash) are up on my Skyehawke Account. If you want an easy way to stay updated with my fiction (all of it), visit my website for newsletter or twitter updates.

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