The Review Pyramid

Let's face it: There could always be more reviews. Yes, as an author you sit down and write a story because you have a story to tell. But once you release that story into the public it's also nice to see it recognized, and the ultimate currency in the world of fanfiction are reviews. As an author, you want to know which scene had the readers at the edge of their seat, which dialogue they found funny and for which character they rooted throughout the story.

Naice a Nilme wants to encourage reviews and at the same time we want encourage authors to spend their time on the archive even if they don't have a story to post at the moment. Don't just come here and post your story. Stay a while and have a look at what other authors have written. You might just find a gem hidden in our archive!

Therefore, Naice a Nilme will play a little game with each of our authors - a bet if you will. This game was first invented by Amarok, and it is so simple yet effective, that we thought it would be fun to apply it to the archive. This game has only one rule:

For every review that you receive on Naice a Nilme, leave one for someone else.

If you received 20 reviews overall, you should also have left 20 reviews somewhere on the site. There should always be a balance between the reviews you received and the reviews you left. Now, of course we don't want to force you to review. Naice a Nilme's Review Pyramid is just supposed to be a little reminder (and a little help) that you should not only receive, but that you should give as well. If you manage to have your numbers balanced by the end of the year, you will receive a pretty little banner, which will be displayed in your profile. If you don't manage (or if you're not interested in the first place), nothing at all will happen. You will not be punished, of course. The Review Pyramid is supposed to be a positive multiplier, it is not supposed to be a threat or a chore.

If, during the year, you want to check whether your review count is balance, please visit the Review Pyramid page in your account info!


The results for the Review Pyramid 2011 are in!

The following members climbed to the top of the pyramid in 2011, they left at least as many reviews on the site as they got. Congratulations! As a little thank you, you will find a banner in your profile marking you as one of Naice a Nilme's Top Reviewers 2011.

fiery star
Raksha the Demon

You're not on the list, but you'd like to be? Nothing is easier. Of course, we're playing again in 2012. Keep your review count balanced, hang out on the site and leave reviews for stories you liked. If you don't quite know where to start, check out the stories with zero reviews. If you comment on those, you'll make the authors especially happy! And be sure to leave only signed reviews. Otherwise the system won't be able to count them!