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While on a trip in Ithilien, Legolas meets someone special, and tries to save her life. Third place on July Teitho contest, theme "Stars".

Rated: K+
Categories: Fourth Age - Post LOTR
Characters: Legolas Genres: General
Language: English
Warnings: None
Language: English Genres: General
Language: English
Warnings: None
Complete: Yes Series: None
Word count: 3753 Read: 1197
Published: 08/17/12 Updated: 08/17/12


In Croatia, the old names used for meteors are "falling stars" and "celestial fireflies". I love the latter very much, so I decided to use it as the name the elves in Middle-earth would give to this beautiful phenomenon.

The star from the story is familiar with life in Middle-earth, so we can suppose that she would speak to an elf in Sindarin. For that reason, in the moment of introducing, the names are written in descriptive form (Legolas = Greenleaf).

Big thanks to curiouswombat for beta-reading.


(2 Reviews, 3753 words)

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