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Im a 46 year old female Tolkien-fan from Germany. English is therefore not my first language. Nonetheless I absolutely love to read and write in English and Im trying hard to get better. In real life Im a chemist at a laboratory for environmental analysis, but I enjoy fleeing from reality into Tolkiens wonderful universe when I am able. My heart lies with the elves. Yet I also like to write about Aragorn and his friendship to Legolas. Just in case you do not know: Laikwalss is the primitive elvish form of Legolas, meaning exactly the same: green leaf. . Lai.
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My name means hope by Laikwalasse [0 Reviews]
On an ordinary day Aragorn’s world crumbles and he notices that luck is fragile and can vanish from one minute to the other…………..
Category: Fourth Age - Post LOTR | Series: Series Characters: Aragorn, Eldarion, Elladan, Elrohir, Legolas | Genres: Drama | Language: English | Rating: M | Warnings: None | Chapters: 1 | Published: 04/29/15 | Updated: 05/06/15 | Words: 1944 | Completed: No | Read: 1186