Legolas raised a brow as he glanced down at his friend. Gimli? Making note of the weather? Something was up; he was sure of it! "Yes, the weather was quite conducive to the celebrations. Too bad it did not rain."
Best by Far by Nieriel Raina

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ContactAuthor: Linda HoylandDate: 11/05/14 08:20 pm[0 Comments]
If you need to contact an admin for help, please e mail me at gingerleo(at) or via my LJ at Rhapsody and I are working to restore the contact links on the site.

Important Announcement - November 2014Author: Linda HoylandDate: 11/04/14 08:39 pm[0 Comments]
Rhapsody and I, Linda Hoyland, have taken over the everyday running of N&N. Michelle kindly continues to pay for the site hosting. We both care very much about this archive and are anxious to see it flourish and thrive. For that to happen, we need you to post your gen fic stories featuring Aragorn and/or Legolas. We wish to maintain the archive in the same spirit, which readers and writers know and love, but we are making some minor changes. Any story eligible for Teitho will also be eligible for N&N, so although Aragorn and Legolas must feature in the story somewhere, they do not have to been main characters, so a story about say, Arathorn and Gilraen’s courtship, a young Faramir longing for the return of the king,or how the people of Gondor react to Legolas’ Eleven colony would be welcome. We would especially love to see all the Teitho stories posted on N&N. The stories no longer have to be angst, so humour, friendship, and mild het romance are very welcome. We also welcome...

Review Pyramid 2012Author: MichelleDate: 12/15/12 09:49 pm[3 Comments]
The year 2012 is slowly drawing to a close, which means another round of NAN's Review Pyramid is almost over. If you don't know what the Review Pyramid is, then you can visit the exlanation page here.

It's never too late to start playing! If you want to know whether your reviews are balanced (or if you still need to get some reviews done this year *g*), visit your Account Info.

Review Pyramid 2011Author: MichelleDate: 02/20/12 11:52 pm[6 Comments]
I've finally managed to update the banners for the 2011 Review Pyramid. So everyone who managed to balance their reviews last year, should find a pretty banner in their profile! And don't forget, there's a new chance every year! Maybe 2012 will be the year when you left a review for every story you read on the archive:)

DeviantartAuthor: MichellDate: 02/01/12 09:00 pm[4 Comments]
Last weekend, it a bout of bout fannish enthusiasm, Mirach and I founded a deviantART group for artwort inspired by fanfiction, aptly named Arda Inspired. The idea is to have fanfiction inspire artwort (and in the long run: vice versa). From now on, stories included in NAN's story of the month poll, will be featured on Arda Inspired in the hopes that artists will come up with illustrations for their favourite story. I'm still trying to decide on the best way to feature artwork on NAN, but there will definitely be *something* pretty to see here. So, stay tuned! And if you're already a member of dA, friend us, watch us, participate!

Review PyramidAuthor: MichelleDate: 12/01/11 09:39 pm[3 Comments]
It's December! That means, the end of the year is fast approaching and with it the third installment of the Review Pyramid. The Pyramid is NAN's little game to invite more reviews by encouraging authors to leave as many reviews as they get. If you want to know more, visit the page. You can see your balance in your account info. If you find you're in the minus, don't worry. One month is a lot of time to leave some reviews for your favourite stories and authors! Authors who manage to have their reviews balanced by the end of the year will again receive a pretty little banner!

Not online!Author: MichelleDate: 09/01/11 08:20 pm[4 Comments]
I won't be online for the next two weeks, which means any questions and problems are on hold. So are stories that need to be validated. If you're posting stories and they're not showing up, then they're held up in moderation. Don't worry, I'll get to them eventually!

New SloganAuthor: MichelleDate: 08/21/11 03:20 pm[4 Comments]
I've just closed the poll and we have a new slogan for the site:

Tales of Aragorn and Legolas

It's very fitting, in my opinion. Many thanks to those who voted and of course to Nieriel Raina for suggesting it!

Internet Explorer 9Author: MichelleDate: 08/16/11 10:31 pm[4 Comments]
For a while now, IE9 users had problems using the site. I could finally track down the culprit - TinyMCE, the text editor NAN uses. I upgraded to the latest version and that seems to help, but not in all cases. If you use IE9 and you experience problems, please check the FAQ for a workaround.

New NAN SloganAuthor: MichelleDate: 08/10/11 11:20 pm[4 Comments]

Naice a Nilme's slogan has always been Aragorn and Legolas Angst, but since the site hasn't been only about angst anymore for quite sometime now, we really need something new to describe the archive. During the last weeks, the members of Aragorn Angst have been brainstorming ideas and you can see the results in the poll to the left. All members of Naice a Nilme - whether old or new, whether author or lurker - are invited to vote for their favourite slogan. Which would you like to see represent the site? Please log in and leave your vote, I'll leave the poll open till August 20th.

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