Brothers at Heart by Radbooks - [Reviews - 10]
(Wordcount: 213270 - Reads: 241804)
As Aragorn arrives among the Dúnedain to take up the reins of leadership, he meets his cousin, Halbarad, who helps Aragorn find his place amongst...

The Taming of the Badger by Pentangle - [Reviews - 6]
(Wordcount: 15343 - Reads: 15702)

Everyone loves Aragorn....don't they?

An entry for the Teitho "Original Character" contest. (Second place)

The Ranger Hell Week by imaginigma - [Reviews - 2]
(Wordcount: 12941 - Reads: 7553)

Aragorn and Halbarad have taken two young rangers under their wings. But when Aragorn gets injured in the wilds and Halbarad has to...

Fidelis by Pentangle - [Reviews - 45]
(Wordcount: 43199 - Reads: 91670)

The ranger and elf meet a couple of strangers who test the very meaning of their friendship.

[Character death is not Aragorn, Legolas, or Kenuric]...

While Hope Lasts by MP brennan - [Reviews - 5]
(Wordcount: 26202 - Reads: 17980)
With Arathorn slain, Gilraen thought she had nothing left to lose.  She was wrong.

The Hunter by Silivren Tinu - [Reviews - 2]
(Wordcount: 595 - Reads: 2747)
Waiting for his prey to appear, a lonely hunter muses about his life and what the future may bring. Written for Prompt #129 “Hunt” in the Aragorn...

A Star in Midwinter by cairistiona - [Reviews - 10]
(Wordcount: 30084 - Reads: 78703)
A young man's journey to belonging.  A Mettarë story of the Dunedain.

No Rest For the Weary by Marethiel - [Reviews - 3]
(Wordcount: 506 - Reads: 2406)

As Pippin told Denethor, "The strongest man can be killed by a single arrow."  And the strongest Dúnadan can find himself brought to his...

Halbarad's Last Journey by Ellynn - [Reviews - 1]
(Wordcount: 4203 - Reads: 1947)

A year after the War of the Ring, Aragorn fulfills Halbarad's last wish. Written for Teitho August contest: Journeys. 2011 MEFA Nominee.

No Better Name by cairistiona - [Reviews - 12]
(Wordcount: 38687 - Reads: 59337)

The second in the Rushlight Trilogy, which began unexpectedly with the Teitho story, “By Such a Foolish Name”. Bowen Rushlight brings home...

By Such A Foolish Name by cairistiona - [Reviews - 2]
(Wordcount: 3334 - Reads: 2317)

A farmer meets a stranger with an even stranger name on a rainy afternoon in Bree. Winner of Teitho "Names" challenge. 2011 MEFA nomination.  First...

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