After Boromir by Aragornwriter - [Reviews - 7]
(Wordcount: 5957 - Reads: 3277)
Story: A fill-in-the-blanks for both Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers, movieverse, based on the reason why the three hunters are one day behind...

A Night in Lothlórien by Silivren Tinu - [Reviews - 5]
(Wordcount: 4652 - Reads: 7624)
Aragorn and Legolas share their grief over Gandalf’s death in Lothlórien. Lots of friendship, a bit angst and bitter-sweet mourning... 1st place...

Darkness by Silivren Tinu - [Reviews - 2]
(Wordcount: 2459 - Reads: 2316)
A conversation in a dark place. Angst, friendship.

Horse and Rider by Michelle - [Reviews - 4]
(Wordcount: 3686 - Reads: 2678)
Thorongil has to fight unexpected obstacles.

Vigil by Silivren Tinu - [Reviews - 1]
(Wordcount: 1314 - Reads: 2511)
Aragorn lives through a long night watching over the hobbits in Bree. Characters: Aragorn, four hobbits and some unbidden guests…

Despair by Silivren Tinu - [Reviews - 1]
(Wordcount: 3802 - Reads: 3074)
Concerned about the growing tension between Boromir and Aragorn, and the influence of the One Ring on the Gondorian, Legolas decides to intervene and confront...

Decision of a horse by Amarok - [Reviews - 3]
(Wordcount: 1436 - Reads: 3148)
What made Brego decide to help Aragorn? (Based on the extended DVD)

Past the Dimrill Gate by WendWriter - [Reviews - 6]
(Wordcount: 24623 - Reads: 66499)

"I too once passed the Dimrill Gate," said Aragorn quietly; "...the memory is very evil. I do not wish to enter Moria...

To See the Light by Mirach - [Reviews - 1]
(Wordcount: 2246 - Reads: 1959)
We are trapped in eternal shadow. Who shall call us from the grey twilight? Who shall give us freedom? Will he dare to walk our paths – the Paths...

The Evil in Me by StarLight - [Reviews - 2]
(Wordcount: 3478 - Reads: 1772)

The Ring is powerful and everyone can hear its call. And when Good and Evil start to blur, how do you know the difference?

The Riddle of Strider by cairistiona - [Reviews - 5]
(Wordcount: 8690 - Reads: 12245)

He shepherded them all the way to Rivendell... but do they really have any idea who this mysterious Strider is? A gapfiller in three chapters. For Shirebound...

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